IDP European Consultants (IDP) is a Small & Medium Enterprise, incorporated in Italy in 1995 by partners working in Brussels on EU affairs since 1991: this gives IDP 25 years of experience in international projects and partnerships of excellence. The mission of IDP is the promotion of entrepreneurship, support of growth of European SMEs through integration in the EU Single Market. 

IDP promotes innovation and competitiveness of the EU socio-economic ecosystem composed of SMEs, Academia/Research, civil society, and the public sector. IDP specializes on European policies and programmes in support of growth, competitiveness and innovation in the fields of Education & Training, ICT, Research & Innovation.

In addition to providing advisory services, IDP is also a training and vocational education provider in formal and non-formal environments: IDP develops and implements specialised training courses on EU Affairs (EU Institutions and policies, EU funding programmes, etc), Project Management and Entrepreneurship, transversal competences and employability delivering more than 1.000 hours of training to more than 500 trainees per year.

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Associated Partners of IDP

The European Platform for International Cohesion (EPIC) is an NGO that was established in Italy in early 2020 to build on the experience of its members coming from various social and educational backgrounds to promote the values of European integration in all its social and economic facets.

The core of the association is to promote awareness and ownership of the fundamental concepts of cohesion that stand behind the European Union. EPIC was founded by its members as a grassroot movement to counter the wave of the anti-European sentiment that started afflicting the dream of a United Europe to promote with small but concrete actions the values of European cohesion.

The spirit behind EPIC is one of “togetherness” and unity in a particular moment of social distress of the European dream. The purpose of EPIC is hence to promote and instil European values of integration and cohesion.

EPIC organises events of awareness among civil society and groups of citizens to provide concrete and valuable examples of the many positive opportunities of the European Union to inspire the population at large and share the values of European integration. The purpose of those activities is to promote engagement among various cohorts of target groups, ranging from youth to seniors.

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CIRCLE was established in 2017 by a group of practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship, education and training to serve as a platform to establish international collaborative networks as well as facilitate international networks and cross-border projects.  CIRCLE is a not-for-profit associating professionals with more than 15 years of international experience in the definition and implementation of projects for the promotion of international and cultural exchanges, European integration, training planning and delivery, networking, project management, entrepreneurship and business development.  

CIRCLE is active in the development and deployment of awareness and visibility campaigns to reach various categories of stakeholders such as policy makers, academia and research community and civil society at large.  Awareness and information campaigns relate to the specific aspects of European integration with a view to entice proactive participation from partners within the European and extra European territory.

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