Mathemagenesis is a Greek SME located in Thessaloniki. Its staff is formed by professionals in business administration, educational technologies, computer engineers and instructional design. Mathemagenesis is an eLearning provider with both national customers and European partners being involved in EU projects. 

Mathemagenesis has taken massive strides in the field of technology-based learning since its inception by designing and delivering innovative e-learning services and solutions through a holistic approach to learning.

Mathemagenesis portfolio includes the development of over 50 self-paced online training courses in a variety of subjects co-created by instructional designers, trainers, content experts and professionals in their fields. We are also experts in providing Virtual Instructor-Led training (VILT) by designing and hosting online live training events (webinars) in order to maximize the quality of the provided knowledge. Beyond our role as eLearning content providers, the company has also extensive experience in developing eLearning platforms making learning simple and unusually innovative by bringing measurable results.

Mathemagenesis R & D team has special expertise in the following areas:

  • Emerging Technologies in Education
  • Informal Learning
  • eLearning R & D
  • Instructional Design
  • Virtual Instructor- Led Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Game Based Learning
  • eLearning Systems Design & Development
  • Learning Analytics
  • Digital Marketing in Education

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Associated Partners of Mathemagenesis

The Greek National Coalition for Digital Skills & Jobs is a multi-stakeholder initiative, providing a propitious organisational environment inside the Greek public and private sector that acts as a precondition to fully reap the benefits of digital technologies in order to enhance productivity and growth of the Greek economy. By bringing together Greek National stakeholders as members under the same umbrella, it is the first and largest of its kind in Greece.

To this goal, the Greek National coalition, under the leadership of the Ministry for Administrative Reconstruction and in collaboration with major national stakeholders, has set off to develop a functional ecosystem that includes policy makers, academia, entrepreneurs and businesses, in order to assist in the implementation of structural reforms and actions to acquire or enhance digital skills, promote growth and help the best and brightest talents shine.

The initiative concentrates efforts to leverage accumulated knowledge, strategies, best practices and policies in Europe, implemented for the promotion of Digital Skills and e-Leadership; build digital transformation capacity in public sector; offer state-of-the-art career counselling and mentoring; raise awareness about ICT careers; enhance ICT enabled entrepreneurship; encourage a more balanced representation of gender in economic decision making; end the digital divide and build an e-inclusive society.

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